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Tribute to the fire victims in Greece A poem by Dimitris Psomiadis

It is in moments like these that poetry becomes most powerful and meaningful..

Thank you, dear Dimitris, for this:

"We ran to the sea"

The voices said.

"We had a choice;

Jump or wait."

Even the bravest

Dare not choose.

Small bodies.

Picked up,

Tightly held,

Precious and



The fires rage in the Aegean.



They hug each other

To the bitter end.

Souls ascend.

I see them, whispering.

So many broken futures and


Noone deserves this.

The living try to help,

But amidst this chaos,

Solidarity battles hate, still...

And I watch from the sidelines


"How can I help?"

So, I write.

Trivial, perhaps.

But the voices

Smile despondently.

Rarely do I cry

For strangers,

But tonight...

The fires still rage.

July, 24, 2018

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