• Dimitris

Is It All Still The Same?

I had been working on this piece for some time before I reached an "end" to it. Thank you to the person who provided with some useful feedback pertaining the nomenclatural irrelevance that this poem needed. I do not know why I decided to upload it here, there is something familiar about this place. I hope those of you that read it also be as courteous as to offer your own insight on this.


I wonder…

Is it all still the same…?

I wind back my mind

To times immemorial

To fights

To love

To friendships

To hardships,

I wind it back, to see, if anything changed.

All black for a moment,

And I’m there, wanting to tell you all about it.

Will ye hear me?

I’m back.

I remember the emerald island.

Green and grey.

I remember the salty air

And your hair smelling of lavender

Smiling to your twilight days there

Smiling, still

And I’m there, watching you thinking

Of Home.

Is it still the same, I wonder?

Is it?

Have things stayed the same?

Has the moss been taken care of?

Are the swans still there

Accosting the pontoon for a snack

Inciting dreams in people?

Are the cliffs the same still?

Oh, how I wish I had more time!

To look yonder

Catch that white and blue,

Where the end of a world is.

I feel it in my fingers, airing through them

That wind of Ireland, like a scolding lover

Like you…

Is that silent field still the same?

Where the enticing grey crags

Gave me their epiphany

Perhaps I will trudge there again

More mature,

More grown,

But still in love.

My feet remember

The feel of that place,

Like my roots have found

Their origin.

So soft...

I had some stones from there

“Still in my pocket”

Grasping them,

As if my life was attached to them

As if I wanted to return there

With those stones in my pocket.

Is it all still the same?

Talks most sweet with ye,

As we braved Ebdanian rains

And sorrowful futures;

I shan’t forget.

To be continued…

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